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规划你自己的命运. 开始在线.

Students consider the flexibility of online classes for many reasons, 工作和家庭责任, 地理——这个清单是无穷无尽的! 在线 learning puts you in control of the time and place of your class, allowing you to plan your study time around the rest of your day. 而不是反过来.

你可以随时上课, 任何你能上网的地方, 给你全天候的上课机会, 作业, 和讨论. While all our classes do have specified due dates for 作业, students have the freedom to follow a schedule that works best for them.

Our new live remote learning provides the added benefit of real-time interaction with both teachers and fellow students, 允许热烈的讨论, 即时反馈, 还有一种社区意识, all while enjoying the convenience of remote learning.

Interested in learning more about online and live remote classes at 布赖恩特 & 斯垂顿学院? 欧宝体育竞猜 今天!

Students take two classes at a time over a seven-and-a-half week session. These sessions run within a traditional 15 week semester, which means students are taking a full time course load while only having to juggle two classes at any time.

通过维持全日制的课程负荷, students are able to complete their associate degree in as little as 20 months.

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